UNISOF - Universal Socioeconomic Foundation.

We are a Non-Governmental and a Non-Profit Foundation established with holistic vision to integrate cross-border humanitarian programs.

Onward to Global Goodness and Prosperity

UNISOF’s roles and functions is focused on community activities in the MuFHE ecosystem. It has oversight of the Global Trust Asset Capital that leads to social and economic welfare projects for the underprivileged.

Muslim Friendly Halal Excellence (MuFHE) and Global Trust Asset Capital (GTAC) work together to enable an international community-based business platform in the US$46.0 trillion Muslim Friendly Halal Excellence Ecosystem Community and Marketplace Platform.

What is WELEx?

Waqf Endowment Leverage Exchange is intended to be a the country domestic and local community business exchange platform that enables cross-border trade and commerce. It strategically leverages Waqf’s assets to support and facilitate investment.

Expected Outcome

MuFHE Excellent Community & Marketplace

Multiple Merchants, Products and Services ‘Brands’ from the ‘MuFHE Ecosystem & GTAC’ community as amongst the sought after Premier Global Brand in the Global USD$46.7 Trillion ‘Deemed’ Halal Market.

 GTAC Exchange Centre

With the advantage of MuFHE Ecosystem community and marketplace platform, the GTAC Exchange Centre and its WELEx Country Participants could realistically forecast its targets.